Zoom Video Conference Solution

Interaction and collaboration enhance the conference experience comprehensively.


At MaxBIT, we stay ahead of every business and industry requirement. Just like in these times, when managing business operation and services on a remote scale is inevitable. To provide you with premium quality audio and video solutions for your remote meetings, conferences and more, we are now offering you Zoom Room kits fully integrated with Zoom Rooms. Zoom is the modern solution tailored specifically to remote work requirements. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, conference, huddle, and training rooms.

Simple to Deploy, Easy to Use

Our package includes everything you need.  A complete hardware suite along with the software and license. The video conference facility allows you and your coordinates to manage and run things smoothly no matter how far you are. The purchasing process is simplified guaranteeing that you’ll get the best resale value too.


What Else?

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With the Zoom Room solution, you’ll have the best picture resolution with sharpest quality possible and of course, it’s the ultimate and world renowned solution to run businesses and organizations in a frictionless environment.

Noise cancellation technology will reduce background voices and make communication easier for all members, thus making it the closest to having presentations the old fashioned way, only this time, you can manage it remotely.

And remember when we said integrated, you can manage all your devices remotely, upgrade their firmware, monitor them and see what needs to be changed and so on.

Most importantly, Zoom’s powerful solution applies to mobile working environment across multiple platforms, it also runs smoothly with a mobile network, supports multi-party communication as well.

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