Secure Hosting for Business

Premium Hosting Package (Linux Platform)

Fully managed and monitored shared web hosting solution for your business!

$30 Month


$60 Month


$180 Month


Disk Space
Email Accounts
50 Accounts
100 Acccounts
200 Accounts
POP3/IMAP/Web Mail
Admin cPanel
Support 1 Domain
Spam Control Panel
Built-in Anti-Spam Gate Solution

What is Business Email Hosting?

Many organizations or company are still using free Email service like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo for their business. These Email accounts does not give them the advantage of professional Email ID.

For running a business successfully, you need to make your business look as professional as probable and your brand image is everything. For this, they need to get the Best Business Email Hosting Service. A Business email hosting service offers small and big business a great touch of professionalism and contributes immensely towards increasing credibility in the business communication module. In order, a Business email address contains the company name in it like

Email hosting servers enable you to send emails, manage email accounts through webmail and email clients.

If you need any email addresses on your company, then you need to take email hosting service from our hosting provider (MaxBIT Company).

Benefit of Opting for Business email hosting Service/Account for Business

+ Communication made more Professional

+ Trust

+ Cost Effective

  • You can easily achieve incredible saving with a fixed monthly service fee, including licensing, support maintenance, upgrades, security and backup

+ Storage Space

  • Once you sign up for a business email hosting account, you also get entitled to a storage amount

+ Web Access

  • Whenever and wherever is an internet connection, real time access could be provided to your customers with the help of a mobile or fixed connection

+ Mail Security – Spam/Virus Filtering

  • The importance of the mail security features of the business email hosting service such as anti-spam and virus filter (Incoming filter & Outgoing filter) software are handy to address the aforementioned issues.

+ Backup Solution

  • We are provided recovery solution, it is powerful enough to keep email safe and secure data center.

+ Maintenance & Management

  • The major responsibilities of the email hosting provider, meaning that updates of the version support and other updates are ensured externally –enhancing thee reliability of the email service