1. Internet access

MaxBIT commits to provide stable Internet access upon agreement to these conditions and upon full advance payment of monthly subscription, equipment(s), government taxes and deposit. MaxBIT standard uptime service level commitment is in excess of 99% averaged over a 30 day/month.

  1. Application

All Internet applications are subject to MaxBIT’s approval. Customer is required to provide the following:

  • For personal applications: Valid ID Card or passport with valid visa and real residence.
  • For business or legal entity application: legal entity registration, VAT and annual tax certificate, ID card or passport of responsible person.

MaxBIT cannot be held responsible for false document(s) or application(s) information. MaxBIT reserves the right to lawfully lock, suspend or terminate fake applications without notice and customer will confront this action to the law.

  1. Deposit

Customer shall pay a deposit as security on the Internet agreement subscription and security deposit to secure on equipment. This deposit is returnable if the Customer fulfills the obligation under this general terms and conditions such as paid due fee, installation cost, equipment cost, and contract term.

  1. Payment

Customer shall pay their monthly charges by the due date as detailed on the invoice. Excess data charges (where applicable) shall be paid the following month. Checks shall be made payable to Maximum Business Information Technology Co., Ltd. Payment is not refundable.

  1. Late Payment

MaxBIT reserves the right to lock, or suspend Internet access if payment is not made before the due date as detailed on the invoice. MaxBIT reserves the right to terminate the Internet access in the way that Customer breaches the terms and conditions, and customer is still obligated to pay the fee as customer terminates the agreement before the Effective Period ends. If Customer is having difficulties making payment, Customer is required to contact our Customer Care team via 023 996 996 / 017 866 550.

General terms and conditions remain enforceable for locked and suspended accounts.

  1. Overdue payments and bad debts

MaxBIT reserves the right to employ the services of lawyers, collection agencies or local authorities to recover overdue payments beyond 30 days. MaxBIT may charge the cost of said collection services to Customer.

  1. Installation

MaxBIT will assist Customer with the installation of fiber optic equipment up to the Customer demarcation point (modem or CPE equipment). The connection will be tested at this point. For additional installations or configurations will be charged based on customer’s requirement.

It is the Customer responsibility to configure network equipment and computers beyond the CPE demarcation point.

  1. Term and termination

The agreement with MaxBIT has its effect for 12 (twelve) months commencing from date of signature and installation or using services from MaxBIT, “the Effective Period”. The Agreement shall automatically prolong for another period of 12 (twelve) months, unless Customer gives MaxBIT a written notification 30(thirty) days prior to Effective period of the Agreement.

In the event that Customer terminates the Agreement before the Effective period ended, Customer’s deposit shall not be refunded and customer has to pay for the due bill(s) and breach of contract charges Fiber Optic USD 60 (Sixty US dollars).

  1. System security

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that their connection, username and password are secure. In particular, Customer is advised to protect any WiFi networks with a strong password.

Customer is also advised to use a current, up to date antivirus and anti-malware software to ensure the performance of their connection and security of their data.

MaxBIT is not liable for any unauthorized access to Customer data or Internet connection.

Depending on the problem, MaxBIT may resolve the problem remotely or assign an on-site engineer. For problems with 3rdparty Fiber Optic Line, MaxBIT will assist the customer by contacting the relevant network operator.

  1. Restrictions

The following restrictions apply to all Customers

  • Customer shall not re-sell Internet or email services
  • Customer shall not use MaxBIT services for illegal activities
  • Customer shall not use MaxBIT services for spamming, hacking or other malicious activities

All service offerings are subject to the approval from MaxBIT.

  1. Indemnity

The customer agrees to indemnify and hold MaxBIT, its employees, contractors and agents harmless from and against all damages, costs, charges, claims, liabilities and expenses directly or indirectly, arising out of or in connection with a claim for patent, trademark, copyright or intellectual property right infringement being made against MaxBIT by third party in connection with the Customer or its users access to the service.

  1. Insolvency or bankruptcy of the Customer

In any case MaxBIT has any doubt about the insolvency or bankruptcy of the Customer, MaxBIT reserve the right to suspend fulfillment of its obligation until the Customer has provided security within one week to MaxBIT’s satisfaction for all obligations of the Customer ensuing from the Agreement.

  1. Governing Law

The agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

  1. Miscellaneous

These General Terms and Conditions represent MaxBIT’s standard terms and conditions of Internet Access Agreement. If there is any conflict between these General Terms and Conditions and another documents such as quotation or Service Level Agreement (SLA) etc., those mentioned documents shall be prevailed.

  1. Updates

MaxBIT reserves the right to modify or update these general terms and conditions, the most recent update will be available on our website.