About Us:

MaxBIT was established in 2013 as an Internet Service Provider under law of Cambodia to provide Internet solutions for business customers.
Since 2013, MaxBIT has been using Fiber Optics as the best technology to provide our internet connection and we also offer fully managed services for customers. With the support from our committed and certified engineering team, MaxBIT started to build our way towards becoming one of the leading Network Service Provider in Cambodia.

With the emerging demand of a very reliable network infrastructure, MaxBIT realized a lot of companies depend on a good infrastructure and we connected to most DIX (Domestic Internet eXchange) in Cambodia and multiple upstream providers in several countries. After several researches and development, MaxBIT Engineering team committed to provide service as customer need.

To let Top certified experts serve your business.

To be a leading service provider by offering the best performing network and innovative services using the latest technologies.

The Team:

MaxBIT is led by a group of qualified engineers who have over a decade of experience working with Internet Service Providers. We have vast resources at our disposal to reach and assist various shapes and sizes of businesses. We offer exactly what the customers require from us – performance and reliability, flexibility and value, along with friendly, one-to-one support. Our ability to understand and fulfill our customers’ needs that has made us their favorite.

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